To change or not to change, that is the question!


There is just over one week left to have your say about whether we change our name or stay the same – and we would really love to hear your opinion.

Thank you to those who have already responded. Several have mentioned wanting us to go back to ‘Parent Partnership’. Unfortunately this was changed with the new legislation due to the fact that our remit widened to offer information to children and young people and not just their parents (as previously done). We would therefore be unable to return to this name but if you would like to offer another suggestion, we would love to hear your ideas.

If you have an opinion or suggestion please get your votes in. Thank you.


We’re considering a name change and we’d like your help.  People who use our service tell us (and our own experience shows) that there is often confusion around our name.  This means we get mixed up with other services which have ‘SEND’ in their name.  

So we could drop the ‘SEND’ part from our name, but make our remit clear in our strapline – providing advice and guidance to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their parent/carers.

We are also developing a new logo and the SEND theme will come through strongly in this: options are currently being worked on.  When it’s ready we’ll ask you which design best reflects what we do.  

For now, though, what do you think about a name change?

Please vote below to let us know which you’d prefer.  Thank you!