Chance to vote! Which SENDIAS blogs have been the most helpful so far?

Hello SENDIAS Blog readers!

Would you believe it has been nearly a year since we launched our SENDIAS Website? And what an immensely busy year it has been for us in the SENDIAS Service here in West Sussex. Along with many of you, we have experienced a fair amount of disruption over the past months, but it has also provided an opportunity to look at how we may do things ‘better’, not only in the present climate but also once ‘normal’ service resumes.

One of these areas is our blog posts. We would like to ask you for some feedback about which of the blogs you have found helpful and invite you to comment on your reasons, should you wish to do so.

The initial reason for writing the blog was to allow you as the reader, to explore the posted issue in more detail, with a sharper, more in-depth focus on what the law and statutory guidance say about them. We want to know if these have achieved that and if so, which ones have been most helpful.

How does it work?

We have listed a few of the main blogs below and you get to rate each one (10 stars being the most helpful, 1 being least). If you have not read a particular blog or it doesn’t apply to you then please feel free to leave that one blank (you may wish to read / re-read of course). Let us know in the comments box how you’ve found them generally, how we can improve them, and perhaps any subjects you would like us to cover in the future or anything else you’d like to comment.

Important: Whilst your name will remain anonymous, votes and comments may be displayed for all participants to see

This survey will end in 14 days so please get voting!

Thank you!

Please Note: If you are looking at this on your phone, please click on comment and go back up the page and the options will appear.