Annual Reviews (of an EHC Plan)

What is an Annual Review?

The SEND Code of Practice 2015 tells us that an Annual Review is a yearly review of a child or young person’s EHC Plan which gives all involved with the child or young person, a chance to look at how they are progressing towards their outcomes and longer terms aspirations specified in the EHC Plan. It is also a chance to consider whether these outcomes and supporting targets remain appropriate.

Although it states Annual, it should happen as a minimum every 12 months and there may be situations where this needs to happen more frequently (for example, if the child is under 5 years old or if there have been substantial changes).

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Isn’t it just the meeting?

Who should organise it and when?

How should the process work?

The Details

About the Annual review Meeting

Practical tips for the meeting

After the meeting

If the plan needs to be amended

Reassessments and Cease to Maintain

What about early / interim / emergency reviews

What if i disagree with any of the decisions

Further Information

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