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On this page you will be able to find lists of schools including Special Schools and Special Support Centres (SSCs).

Mainstream Schools and Colleges

To look for a mainstream school or college then you can do a search on the West Sussex County Council’s ‘Find a school, academy or college‘ webpage. Type in your postcode and tick the most appropriate filter(s). All the settings for that category will appear but they will be listed by distance (nearest first). Alternatively you can click on the Map and view them that way.

Special Schools and SSCs

For Special Schools and Special Support Centres (SSCs) we have tried to give you as much up to date information as possible in terms of age, area and special Educational Need but as schools may change any of these without us being aware, please do look at a setting’s website and their SEN information Report as well.

For abbreviations of the Special Educational Needs and type of schools please see tables near the end of the page.

The type of setting is not included in this table as they may change depending on circumstances. The Type (such as Maintained, Non-maintained Special School or Non-41 Independent school) becomes relevant when the LA comes to consider naming it on the Final EHCP. If you are considering any particular settings and want to know they type, then you can do a search on the Gov UK’s Get Information About Schools website.

Please see our guide – Choosing a new placement for more information about the type of setting (and how the LA must consider your request to name a setting depending on the type it is)

Table of Special Schools and SSCs

SEARCH FUNCTION – You can use the search function (on the top right of the table) to type in the Special Educational Need or the town or county you are looking for. As soon as you start typing, the relevant results will appear. You do not need to press enter etc. To use the table you can:

  • Scroll across from the bottom of the table to see more columns.
  • Reduce the number of rows you want to look at (defaulted to show all)
  • Print the results or save a pdf document (which is downloaded).
  • To start again, clear all the letters / words from the search bar.

Specialist Settings and SSCs

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Abbreviations used in following tables

Here are the most common abbreviations that are used in the search table above.

AbbreviationSpecial Educational NeedComment
ADHDAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder
ALNAdditional Learning Needsoften used as a more general term but could cover ASC, Dyslexia, developmental delay etc
ASDAutistic Spectrum Disorder
HI / VIHearing / Visual Impairment
MLDModerate Learning Difficultieschildren with moderate learning difficulties typically struggle with learning basic numeracy and literacy skills.
PDPhysical Disabilities
PMLDProfound and Multiple Learning DisabilityGreat difficulty communicating. Many people will have additional sensory or physical disabilities, complex health needs or mental health difficulties.
SCSocial Communication
SEMHSocial, Emotional & Mental Health Difficulties
SLCN Speech, language and communication needs 
SLDSevere Learning DifficultiesSignificant intellectual or cognitive impairments with cognitive and/or attainment levels are normally at or below the 0.01 percentile.
SNSensory Needstrouble regulating responses to stimulation (noise, smell, touch, sight)
SpLDSpecific Learning DifficultiesIncludes dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia
Table showing list of abbreviations used for common Special Educational Needs.

Further Information

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