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SENDIAS Webinars

Please find our latest webinar on ‘Exclusions’ that we delivered on Friday 10th January. Once you have listened to our webinar recording, we would really appreciate it if you would download the evaluation form (below), complete it and email back to us at: Thank you.

(it is better to watch this video in Internet Explorer. However, if you are using a different browser e.g Google Chrome, and it is not working, please view it through our facebook link:

Additional documents related to the Exclusions Webinar:

The SENDIAS Service delivered a live webinar in November 2017 that explained who we are, and how we can support parent carers, the young people themselves and also professionals. Please have a look at the recording of this webinar here and let us know what you think at:

Other Videos & Webinars

Below are two videos that the National Children’s Bureau have put together to explain what a SENDIAS service is, and how we might be able to help you.

SENDIAS Video for Parent Carers

SENDIAS Video for Children and Young People

The next two videos were also developed by the Council for Disabled Children to help understanding of specific SEND related subjects

What is an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan?

A short animation to learn about the EHC planning process

What is an Annual Review of an EHC Plan?

Learn about the Annual Review process of an EHC plan

Below is a webinar that ‘CONTACT’ have delivered to help begin to understand how to work with the Health System

Understanding and Working with the Health System

In this webinar for parent carer forums ‘CONTACT’ look at the first steps towards understanding and working with the health system.

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