How to check your draft EHC Plan

You have been through the EHC needs Assessment and have just received your draft EHC Plan – now what?


If the Local Authority (“LA”) agree that an EHC Plan is needed, they must send the draft EHC plan, including the reports mentioned in section K (containing the advice and information gathered during the EHC needs assessment) to the child’s parent or to the young person and give at least 15 days for you to give views and make comments (‘representations’) on the content. During this period, the local authority must make its officers available for a meeting with the child’s parent or the young person on request if they wish to discuss the content of the draft EHC plan. (9.77 of SEND CoP 2015).

In West Sussex the officers representing the LA for EHC Plans are SENAT (Special Educational Needs Assessment Team) and parent carers and young people will generally be liaising with an assigned planning coordinator.

During this time, you also have the opportunity to give your preference for school / college setting and request for a personal budget if applicable. If SENAT do not hear from you within this time they will presume you are happy with it and will go ahead and issue the final.

Therefore, it is best to start looking at this straight away as you may need a few days to check it fully. Although there is no right or wrong way to check your draft, you may find the following steps helpful.

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A bit about the draft EHC Plan itself
Before you begin
Checking the Draft
Further Information

If you think you will struggle to do this on your own then please do contact us by email:  send.ias@westsussex.gov.uk or call us on: 0330 222 8555 to discuss how we may be able to support you with this