New Website Pages

New Website Pages

We are excited to announce that we have added some new guide pages to our website.

These guides build on our existing leaflets to provide more in depth information and advice on various SEN & EHC Plan related topics as well as new ones that we have not previously covered.

When you call or email our service looking for information and advice, we work hard to provide this as quickly as possible. However, we are aware that it can sometimes take a few days before we are able to contact you and we know that this can be frustrating, especially if you are just wanting to know something quickly (for example, what your options are, check information you are being given is correct or how to go about doing something specific).

These pages have been created with this in mind – to empower you by giving access to information and advice without having to wait for an adviser to contact you. Of course, if you feel that these are not for you or you need some specific advice about your situation that these pages do not cover, then you can continue to contact us directly.

Image you will see on our ‘Guides’ page.

You can access the pages via ‘Guides’ (under our ‘Resources’ tab).

As always, the information we provide is based on the what the Law and Statutory Guidance says, but in addition, (depending on the subject), we will also provide some local information and practical tips that we hope will be of help (such as how to write a parental EHC needs assessment request or appeal, how to check your draft EHC plan or how to share concerns about your child’s SEN with your school).

New pages will continue to be added and existing ones will be updated as time allows so please let us know if we haven’t covered anything that you think would be helpful.

Please note: As we want to create a website that is accessible and as helpful as possible, we welcome any comments or feedback from you that will help us achieve this. If there are any areas of the website that you feel we can improve on, please do let us know by either commenting on the page, or contacting us directly.

Thank you from the SENDIASS team here in West Sussex.