Thank you to all who voted for their favourite logo and told us what they liked about it, and the elements (font, colours, etc) they liked better in others.  This has really helped us to create our final logo.

As you can see from the statistics below, number 7 (mixture of both signposting and service user themes) was the clear winner with 45.51% of the votes:

1 – 9.62%      2 – 8.97%      3 – 1.92%     4 – 11.54%     5 – 5.77%   6 – 16.67%   7 – 45.51%

Reviewing the 64 comments received from people that voted for this logo (Number 7), the main reasons why it was their favourite can be summed up from the following themes:

  • Says what you do and what services you offer (captures all elements).
  • Most eye catching and representative of service users and how you can help them.
  • Shows ‘inclusivity’ and ‘family’.

In terms of detailed elements of the logo (e.g font, colour, etc) it is difficult to pick out overall preferences, as comments were quite varied.

  • There were a few comments about wanting to start the logo off with a capital letter (as number 7 does), or to have the whole of ‘SEND’ in capitals as it is an acronym.
  • Some people wanted the colours changed to help the logo stand out and address any issues that may occur for those with colour blindness (e.g suggestions of blue and pink or green and pink instead of green and blue). However, a couple of comments did like the green and blue.
  • Some preferred the font in 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 with  2 and 5 getting the most positive comments.  Some preferred the tagline in 2 and 5 as it was clearer.  Also comments to say that these fonts were ‘cleaner’ and ‘easier to read’.  However, a couple of people mentioned that they liked the existing font in logo 7 and 6.

Thank you for all your comments.  This has helped us to make our final decision.

Having taken all this into account, and seeing the additional variations of Logo 7, we are pleased to launch our first ever West Sussex Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIAS) logo: