Introduction to Options after Year 11

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Would you like to know what opportunities there are after your young person finishes year 11? This recorded webinar is a short introduction to what young people could consider doing after they are 16.

It focusses on those able to go to college or consider work at some point rather than those with very complex needs. We look at education and employment routes and how to encourage your son or daughter to gain the skills needed to make their way in life.

We consider:

  • Pathways to employment
  • Education options and what the different levels mean
  • What to look out for choosing a college
  • Work based training
  • Finding work
  • Other options
  • How to encourage your young person to make decisions about their future
  • Creating an action plan for the future


Video presentation of Options after Year 11

Please note: At the time of recording (1st July 2020) and to 1st September 2020, the Careers Service offers guidance for NEET (not in employment, education, and training)  16-25 years, but from 1st September 2020 it will only be for NEET 16-18 years old, and 16-25 years who have an EHCP.

This Webinar was delivered by the Young Person’s Advisers for SENDIAS, Jacqueline Paterson and Susanna Whittaker. Susanna has since left SENDIAS and Linda Fairbairn is now in the role.

More information about the Young Person’s Advisers for SENDIAS

Jacqueline Paterson and Linda Fairbairn are the Young Person’s advisers for SENDIAS.

Generally Jacqueline works in the North part of West Sussex and Linda works in the South.

You can find out more about them both through their ‘All About Me’ profiles:

Jacqueline - All about me part 1
All about Jacqueline Paterson page one
Jacqueline - All about me part 2
All about Jacqueline Paterson page two
All about Linda Fairbairn page one
All about Linda Fairbairn page two

Action Plans (mentioned in Webinar):

Action Plan

Useful Sources of Information / Websites

West Sussex Local offer

Your Space Website for Young People (good information for parents/carers/others)


Your Space Website for volunteering


Do It

West Sussex

Supported Internships for those with EHCPs


Supported Internships



GOV.UK apprenticeships

GOV.UK guide to apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in Sussex (has search for Traineeships and Apprenticeships)

Supported Employment

For Those with Additional Needs who are also funded by Adult Services/Health Services (Please see Information on Local Offer for Criteria and Provision in your local area)

WorkAid (For those with Autism and/or Learning Disabilities in West Sussex)

Prince’s Trust

Princes Trust at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (Bases in Worthing and Brighton)

West Sussex Re-engagement and Training Opportunities

Additional Information related to Post 16 and Options

Pathways to Adulthood, Including the Four Pathways

Routes into Work guide

Key Topics for Planning for Future

Key topics to cover at Annual Reviews from year 9

Progress Preparing for Adulthood


Council for the Disabled Transition Guides

SEN Magazine (Email Newsletter, Magazine (subscription needed) with variety of articles)

Person-Centred Planning

Circle of friends in Person Centred Planning

SEND Code of Practice

Guide for parents/carers and Information for Young People

SEND code of practice for schools and colleges